Solution d'itinéraire géolocalisé et dynamique d'Insiteo pour les grandes surfaces (liste de courses géolocalisée)




'Drive to product'

Offer your customers a complete multichannel shopping experience with the indoor location, provide them with the best route according to their shopping list prepared online.

Improve quality of service and make your customers more available by helping them save some time.


Solution de proximity marketing compatible iBeacon basée sur des bornes bluetooth low energy Insiteo




Proximity Beacon

Your application wakes up at the entrance of your points of sale through our Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and Apple iBeacon technology.

Personal welcome, offers, deals, news,... Spread the right message at the right time and boost in-store usage of your mobile applications.


La solution Geopush Insiteo permet le geofencing indoor avec push de contenus en fonction de la position de l'utilisateur



Geofencing & Geopush

Optimize the performance of your promotional campaigns by highlighting promotions when they are at hand.

Push custom messages based on consumer behavior (immobility, entrance or exit of a defined area).

Assistant shopping géolocalisé avec personnalisation des produits à proximité directe



Product visibility

Make it simple for your customers to find the products that suit them, even among a very large range of product references.

Our services help to provide in-store the same tools that your customers are already using online: search engine, filters, sorting ... and apply these tools 'around me’


Solution de tracking et dataming Insiteo pour mesurer les usages et comportements indoor



POS monitoring

The indoor location brings you new indicators on the behavior of your customers at the point of sale.


A vision and knowledge comparable to those you have on your e-commerce site that allows you to measure the performance of your drive-to-store tools.


Géolocalisation indoor et guidage pour les opérations de picking dans le cadre du Drive




Optimize your 'Drive' resources

Staff allocated to the picking of products is exposed to the same issues than customers ... several times a day!

Thanks to an accurate indoor positioning system, optimize the time of your team by allowing them to always find the products at the right place, regardless of their experience, thanks to mobile location-based services.