Since its inception, Insiteo has invested significantly in research and development to offer the best indoor positioning system to its customers.

Its core objectives have been to provide a location system that is not only reliable and accurate location system but also simple to implement, maintain, and compatible with a large installed base of smartphones.

Hence, Insiteo today provides a superior location system, array of location based services as well as excellent professional support suitable for any client needs.

Its positioning system can be uniquely offered through a professional application on a dedicated terminal, to a public application on a standard smartphone.

Unlike others, the Company continues to invest heavily in next generation location technologies and is actively establishing future standards with major industry players.

Smartphone solution

This indoor location solution is currently available and uniquely compatible with Android and iOS, through its APIs. Insiteo’s whole list of APIs is detailed in the Products section.

Solution android

This system is created off the back of wireless power signals. The system is very simple to install, hardware agnostic and easy to setup.

Specifically :

  • the terminals of your existing network may be included in our solution and therefore minimize the need to install additional infrastructure
  • in case additional terminals are required to maximize accuracy, they require a single power supply, without any setup or network connectivity
  • smartphones do not need to be connected to the Internet or wireless network to determine their precise location
  • each smartphone independently determines its location, so there is no limit to the system capacity or time to activate its location
  • As is the case for all our services on smartphones, our servers host updates to the location system (e.g. system reconfiguration for infrastructure changes, etc), and ensure that each smartphone is updated as soon as possible


Next-generation solution to standard GPS

Insiteo is convinced that future uses and applications of location based services will demand higher accuracy than today’s global GPS standards.

Hence, Insiteo is currently developing a solution that represents a major technological breakthrough: Indoor GPS.

Logo ESA

Insiteo has won the special prize of the Euroopean Space Agency due to its outstanding technological achievements, and has received strong support from the European Commission for the development of the Indoor Galileo through the “iGOing” project (led by Insiteo in partnership with major players in the GNSS sector).

With its involvement in this and other ongoing projects, the Company is confident it will resolve technical challenges that will allow indoor GPS to be a commercial viable solution:

  • Compatibility with most smartphones
  • High precision
  • Low power usage
  • High ease of service and activation
  • Low cost


Click to see the indoor GPS in action