We provide our customers with a back office available online (SaaS) that can manage all the features related to indoor geolocation services:

- Map and POIs management, automatic zones detection (shops, shelves, services).

- Georeferencing management / Association of the areas of the plan with the business repository (shops, shelves, product families)

- Management of geopush areas (geofencing), associated messages and sending rules

- Indicators monitoring (datamining)


Back office Insiteo -  Gestion des itinéraires et arcs de navigation indoor

Navigation and routes management


Back office Insiteo - Interface de création des rayons et meubles pour le géoréférencement;

Aisles creation interface


Back-office Insiteo - Interface de gestion des rayons et meubles

Point of sales and aisles management 


Back office Insiteo - Interface de gestion des zones de geofencing (GeoPush) pour un centre commercial

Geofencing (GeoPush) management for shopping malls