Insiteo and myQaa create new revenue streams for event organizers by integrating mobile apps with beacons 

Insiteo, the leader in indoor location and proximity marketing, has partnered with myQaa and GL events / Toulouse Evénements, a worldwide provider of integrated solutions and services for events, to design the tradeshow of the future with the integration of mobile apps with beacon technology.

The deployment of beacons makes it possible to bring on new revenue streams for event organizers.

Think about this scenario: a buyer attends a tradeshow and when she is close to a certain exhibitor, she receives a message inviting her to visit the booth, and she does. Talk about ROI! But that’s not all: the event organizer is able to track all of this and charge additional fees to the exhibitor by number of conversions. Sounds like science fiction? Well, not anymore thanks to the integration of beacons with mobile apps at tradeshows.

myQaa, Insiteo and Toulouse Evénements have signed a 3-year deal to turn this scenario into a reality thanks to myQaa’s event app and Insiteo’s unparalleled geolocation platform. These 3 event visionaries have set up an unprecedented business model that will bring additional income streams to event organizers. The income comes from exhibitors who pay to appear as sponsors in the event app and the ability to send geolocalized messages inviting people to go to their booth.

For Arnaud Masson, CEO of Insiteo “this partnership with myQaa and GL Events shows how a solution that smartly combines with indoor geolocation and a rich mobile app is able to bring significant added value. This is a great example of the strong potential that our platform of geolocation services has on a wide range of industries”.

Richad Mitha, CEO of myQaa, says “I’m convinced that our mobile app will become the “Google Adwords” of events: I envision a situation where exhibitors will pay based on the numbers of impressions and conversions that their sponsored messages receive. This will only make the business more transparent and fair for all parties, as we’re finally going to be able to show tangible ROI”. myQaa, the first event app provider in Europe to implement beacons in a trade show, is set to transform the events industry, and this is only one of the many initiatives being undertaken. “We’re also looking into facilitating networking with personalised suggestions, streamlining the enti- re event journey and incorporating more fun and educational games”. 

Insiteo and myQaa are going to deploy the beacon integration for the first time at the Toulouse Fair this April. “We found it was really easy to integrate myQaa’s event app with Insiteo, which is why we’ve signed a deal for them to work on all our events for the next 3 years. In this way, we’re going to really make the most of it, and find the best ways to bring maximum ROI to our clients”, said Patrice Vassal, CEO of Toulouse Evénements.

Beacons are BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless sensors that can communicate with smartphones and tablets that have Bluetooth on, enabling precise geolocation. They’re starting to be used at events. Other benefits of beacons are the ability to track the flow of people, to provide with more networking opportunities.