Insiteo and myQaa create new revenue streams for event organizers by integrating mobile apps with beacons 

Insiteo, the leader in indoor location and proximity marketing, has partnered with myQaa and GL events / Toulouse Evénements, a worldwide provider of integrated solutions and services for events, to design the tradeshow of the future with the integration of mobile apps with beacon technology.

The deployment of beacons makes it possible to bring on new revenue streams for event organizers.

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Insiteo deploys its indoor positioning solution in Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Insiteo, the leader in indoor location and proximity marketing deployed its services in Toulouse-Blagnac Airport to empower the new mobile application released this month. The application, available for iPhone and Android devices, has been specifically designed for frequent flyers with an innovative “find-my-car” feature. Indeed, the parking lot is automatically stored in the application thanks to Insiteo accurate indoor location algorithms.

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Indoor Location market in 2014

Interview of Maxime Faure, CMO at Insiteo on Read original article here. What are the most active sector concerning indoor location?

Maxime Faure: Retail is the sector for which indoor location offers the most interest. While customer POS experience has become a priority in retailers strategies, the indoor location provides useful services to consumers such as product research and effective tools for retailers such as indoor geofencing (Geopush)

The shopping malls are also increasingly active on the subject since they spend more and more resources on the creation of strong brands, with complete digital ecosystems that provide continuous and seamless support to the consumers from website, to social networks and the malls equipped with their own mobile application. Indoor location becomes then an essential element of the in store strategy mixing loyalty programs and CRM.

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The increasing importance of mobile in the food purchasing process

A study conducted by Bonial and Ifop makes an update on how digital devices are used in the food purchasing process. The predominant role of mobile is undeniable: 69% of smartphones or tablets owners use a digital source to prepare their food purchase.


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Partnership between Nokia HERE and Qualcomm Atheros

qualcomm atheros nokia here


The indoor location sector is very promising but it is still in an early stage. The partnership between Atheros Qualcomm (Qualcomm subsidiary in wireless connectivity) and Nokia HERE (formerly Navteq, Map service from Nokia) could be seen as an accelerator for this multi-billion dollar market.

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Google adds generic Bluetooth LE support to Android 4.3

Bluetooth-4On July 24th 2013, Google announced its latest Android release. As expected by many, Android 4.3 (API Level 18) introduces built-in platform support for Bluetooth Low Energy.

This is a very significant step forward since it confirms that BLE will become a standard cross platform technology. This is a key news to consider in the context of indoor location services.
Bluetooth Low Energy becomes a reference technology which addresses altogether some key enablers:

  • extremely low infrastructure costs with long battery life beacons
  • global compatibility with main smartphone OSs
  • high accuracy indoor location without network dependency.

With the launch of Android 4.3 which will gain market share rapidly in the following months, Insiteo’s readiness for BLE based indoor location on Android announced 2 weeks ago is confirmed to be a significant step for the future.

INSITEO first to announce Bluetooth 4.0 indoor location on Android

Leading indoor location provider Insiteo was first to provide an easy to operate, high accuracy indoor location solution for iPhones and iPads. This was back in March 2012 with the introduction of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) indoor location solution for iOS, demonstrated in Pau airport

Insiteo now extends the compatibility of its solution to BLE Android devices. Insiteo’s upcoming release provides compatibility with Samsung Android 4.2 devices such as the Galaxy S4, and it is also ready for all BLE enabled Android terminals. With the expectation of future Android releases providing generic BLE compatibility, this opens the path for Bluetooth Low Energy to become one of the very fundamental indoor location technologies.

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Insiteo's indoor location services have been showcased in Hall8 of MWC 2013. Visitors, customers and partners were able to see the full solution at work in the aisles of MWC and on Mobiwork's booth. The key differentiators of Insiteo's unique platform are:

- High accuracy indoor positioning on iOS and Android devices, even the smallest booths were located accurately (2m),

- Flexible approach: reuse of the existing infrastructure and ability to enhance it thanks to long battery life BT 4.0 beacons (available in 4 and 8 year versions)

- Full service solution: Interactive maps, Product finding, Location-based marketing and advices, “Meet-Me" and data-mining are all available at once through our platform.



Insiteo joins the In-Location Alliance as a founding member

As a founding member along with 22 other players of the industry, Insiteo is proud to contribute to the launch of the In-Location Alliance.

Insiteo in the In-Location Alliance

One main work item of the Alliance will be to stimulate the indoor geolocated services ecosystem. A particular focus will be given to facilitating service launch while providing the best possible experience to the end-users. Alliance members are invited to provide feedback on use-cases, deployement efficiency and also business-models

The second main topic will reside in defining harmonized and interoperable technologies while also aiming at providing high accuracy, simple operations and power consumption efficiency. Bluetooth® 4.0 Low-Energy and Wi-Fi solutions, which have already been chosen by Insiteo in its commercial solution, will serve as a prime basis for the future solutions

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Toulouse Space Show 2012 - INSITEO presents market opportunities for high accuracy indoor location technologies

Location and navigation services based on current GNSS technologies are now widespread in terrestrial, maritime and aeronautical applications, whereas services inside important buildings such as airports, railway stations and shopping centers are still progressively taking-off


TSS 2012

As the first indoor location operator for smartphone applications, Insiteo provides a full set of services through its platform and SDKs. Most smartphones of the market are supported, in particular since the world first introduction of Insiteo’s iOS compatible solution in april 2012. This platform enables building owners to increase site profitability, data intelligence, customer experience and satisfaction levels across airports, shopping centres, retailers, enterprises and museums.

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Insiteo:  The world’s first smart, cross-platform indoor location services for airports

Last week on French TV, INSITEO launched at Pau-Pyrénées Airport the industry’s first indoor location-based mobile app on the iPhone that was officially approved by Apple. This development marks breakthrough in the way airports will manage and enhance customer experience

INSITEO creates smart, high-accuracy indoor “GPS” systems by using existing airport WiFi infrastructure, which in turn activate a portfolio of location-based services which are both invaluable and engaging for passengers.All they require is to download the airport apps into their smartphone.

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Arnaud Masson Insiteo CEO with Georges Labazée, President of general Council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques

After it’s demonstrated in the 2012 Mobile World Congress, Insiteo made its first commercial and publicly available deployment of its location system in Pau Airport available to iPhone users.

With this deployment, Insiteo has become the first company to ever publish an iOS-based app using indoor location in the Apple AppStore.

The launch of this great achievement was captured on French TV (France 3) and the Insiteo team met with local officials and journalists

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Insiteo showcased its indoor location technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 27 February – 1 March 2012.

This video demonstrates Insiteo's iGPS prototype sub-meter accuracy capabilities. Tests have been run in an exhibition hall, and position is exclusively provided by the indoor GNSS (pseudolite)solution.

The actual user position is illustrated as the green path, which has an error circle of 50 cm radius. The position information delivered by the iGPS system is red spot. Units are in meters

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Insiteo officially announced its new iPhone-compatible location-based technology at the Mobile World Congress 2012.

Insiteo took the opportunity to showcase this system at the event with high-accuracy and refresh rate.

This is a significant milestone as this is the first time ever whereby embedded indoor location based apps respect AppStore rules and the handset does not need to be jailbroken.