GPS enables a wide range of services that 15 years ago you would never have imagined possible.

Nowadays these services are so prevalent that many people believe that it is available or works well indoors. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Moreover, uses of such services differ by site.

Insiteo critically solves all these issues and has the know how to address different pain points across different commercial and industrial sites.

Our Location Based Services are versatile and can add value to multiple end-markets

  • Mall

    Want to make your center or store unique?
    Want high customer loyalty and new customers?

    Insiteo provides the tools to help you achieve these goals.

    With our services, shoppers or visitors to your establishment will:

    • Easily find their parked vehicle
    • Locate their exact position in the whole floor plan
    • Quickly find their friends, watch over their children and find any staff members to assist them
    • Find the quickest and best route to do their shopping or meet their objectives
    • Get full access to all vital shopping centre and store information across all floors

    All these services will make your centre or store a unique place where it is fun to visit, eat, shop, be recognized for his/her loyalty and highly recommendable to others.


    Insiteo also provides site managers and operators additional high-value tools :

    • Anonymous and continuous footfall tracking of all shoppers, visitors, and others on site
    • Ability to integrate your loyalty or gift card data to customer profiles
    • Create new forms of indoor and outdoor mobile games that can be experienced on site
    • Ability to collect customer feedback and make personalized, targeted offers

  • Offer your passengers a truly unique experience
    and relaxed journey


    The accessibility of vital airport and flight information via mobile apps is essential for airport passengers.

    Finding the correct gate, stores, transport, baggage and parked vehicle; there are many situations where accessibility to information and smart wayfinding can make a difference to a satisfied or dissatisfied passenger.

    Insiteo allows airport managers to access vital airport information and provides a portfolio of high-value location based services to address important needs shared by many passengers:

    • Find the right train platform to get to the right airport terminal
    • Guidance from the long-term parking area to the departures, and to the right gate. Guidance from the arrivals gate to my parked vehicle
    • Guidance to the ideal security area and check-in point to save time
    • Guidance to the right metro or train platform depending on my destination
    • Quickly find my friends in a big and complex site
    • Real-time access to flight, store, service and other data so shopping and entertainment time in different airport areas can be better budgeted

    Our ability to target promotions to passengers depending on their location, destination, and profile can also increase revenues from airport services and stores.

    Moreover, airport managers will benefit from access to anonymous, continuous footfall data from passengers and others that will help them generate new insights and optimize customer journeys.

  • Why provide Indoor Location Services in a museum?

    Mobile applications and audio guides are being increasingly used by major museums worldwide.
    Visitors appreciate audio-guides as they provide a compelling interactive and learning experience. The need for highly-accurate indoor location is very high, particularly given that museums are typically visited by first-time visitors.

    With Insiteo’s location based services your visitors will now enjoy the ultimate experience:

    • Visitors can have highly interactive and guided thematic tours across the museum depending on their preferences
    • Visitors will no longer miss out of any worthwhile exhibitions and showpieces
    • Visitors will never be lost and can plan their visit more efficiently
    • Every member of a visiting group will be satisfied. Whether you are a parent or child, you can now independently find and go to anything you particularly want
    • Disabled people can now, at their fingertips, benefit from smart guidance across designed areas in the museum

    Moreover, museum marketing departments can uniquely get a detailed understanding of visitor behaviour and journeys (continuous footfall, engagement times and paths).

  • Many exhibition booths, one large space, crowded space!


    The value of using Insiteo’s location based services for event visitors and exhibitors is clearly very high.
    They can:

    • Visitors
      • Easily locate and be guided to exhibitors of high-interest and being informed when there is a product demonstration
      • Find anyone in real-time who may not be at an exhibitor stand all the time
    • Exhibitors
      • Will be able to locate any high-value visitors and never miss an opportunity
      • Increase the visits to their stands with targeted promotions to targeted visitors

    Event organizers will also benefit from full access to anonymous, continuous data on all footfall, which will allow them to make smarter marketing and operational decisions in future events.

  • Lone Worker Protection

    Cost reduction, workforce limitations, downsizing…there is no denying that the number of lone workers is on the rise in industrial sites and this has a direct impact on safety in the workplace.

    Insiteo’s lone worker protection solution helps companies meet employment safety requirements enforced by law.

    • The precise location on all maps of any employee related alarms both inside and outside buildings to reduce response time
    • The ability of each alarm to be communicated to other nearby phones on the site
    • A dashboard that allows real-time monitoring of employee or contractor safety across multiple sites
    • Intelligent alarm systems that prevent incidence of false alarms
    • Different alarms to be activated due to immobility, manual settings, positive security, stopover and loss of verticality

    The indoor and outdoor location system is cost effective, uses existing wireless routers either connected or powered and is compatible with different WiFi-based devices.